The Death Stranding 2 trailer shows that the series continues the tradition of being weird AF

While Death Stranding 2 comes as no surprise, actor Norman Reedus finally said outright in May that he would appear in the sequel. Now we have official confirmation and the first trailer for the game. More importantly, the trailer confirms that the sequel will continue the tradition of a series that is completely weird.

I’ll do an equally good job of detailing what’s going on in the revealed Death Stranding 2 trailer, but you can just watch it for yourself. Below, but in brief: men in red armor that look like worms break into the cave, and Lea Seydoux escapes from them on an electric unicycle. She is shot and we see the baby crying black tears in the womb. Then white-haired Norman Reedus climbs the stairs and watches the flying ship emerge from the lake of ink.

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