Street Fighter 6 trailers, gameplay, characters and news

Street Fighter 6 is finally at hand and will be released in 2023. This is the next major installment in the series, full of new modes, new warriors, and unique twists in some fan favorites. Iconic fighters like Rya and Ken join new faces in Kimberly and Jamie. Each fighter has a brand new look, and Street Fighter 6 gives the whole style an 80’s graffiti style.

It certainly promises to be a great Street Fighter game, with an emphasis on visual flair and a state-of-the-art comment system. Despite the fact that Street Fighter 6 will not be released until 2023, players have already had the opportunity to try it out through several network pre-release tests. There were several modes and fighters available, which gave us the best look at how combat works and what the modes are.

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