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Inspection information

Game time: 40 hours
Platform: PC

What is Overwatch 2? It transforms the game from a 6-to-6 team shooter to 5 to 5, introduces new heroes and maps, and other changes that you can expect from the sequel, but it also replaces the original Overwatch. This game is not obsolete, in fact it is unavailable to the Blizzard developer who took it offline. There is no Overwatch now, only Overwatch 2. Therefore, it is not best described as a “sequel”, despite the title “2”. However, it is also not a “glorified patch” as some wanted to name it.

Instead, I started to think of it as “renovation”. Overhauling the design philosophy and structure, Overwatch 2 is re-focusing on what makes this team shooter formula unique. This is the second shift to a brilliant premise – a goal-based, competitive role-playing game – that has previously begun to show stagnation, plunging into old streaks and not adding new champions for over two years.

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