Intel in 2022: Overview of the Year

How did Intel fare in 2022? In many ways, it’s been a year-long roller coaster ride for Team Blue, with some ups and some downs. Let’s dive right in and look at where Intel has made big strides this year, and where it has more or less fallen off the rails.

Raptors on the loose

In early 2022, Intel made progress in regaining desktop PC market share from AMD with solid sales of Alder Lake CPUs, then followed suit strongly later in the year with the introduction of new 13th Gen CPUs.

Intel released its Raptor Lake processors in October 2022, or at least the first group of desktop processors, led by the flagship Core i9-13900K. And despite being “only” a refresh of Alder Lake on paper, the newcomers to the 13th Raptor Lake bristled with much more core performance, boosted cache, and performance got a good boost over Alder Lake.

(Image credit: future)

The flagship 13900K blew us away in terms of multi-core performance in particular, and is a really good heavyweight chip, although it’s power hungry and obviously not cheap. However, later in the Raptor Lake series, there were processors that also shone, with the Core i5-13600K proving to be a more affordable option, offering great gaming performance at a great value.

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